Keeping it Casual

Keeping it Casual


Top: Bozwell and Lily Shorts: 7 for all Mankind Sunglasses: Maho Shades Bracelets: Gorjana Necklace: Necklace Sneakers: Converse

On a normal day, I like to keep it casual! I am a huge fan of throwing on my favorite tee, jeans, and some sneakers, and heading out to get things done! This look was perfect for my morning downtown, having coffee on the rooftop, with two of my favorite people.

This Bozwell and Lily tee is one of my favorites! Not only is it SUPER soft, it also reps my city! If you’re a fan of the 901 be sure to check out their merch.

These 7 for all mankind high waisted shorts are my new love! I am such a fan of high waisted right now. You can wear a crop, tuck in a tee, or even wear a bodysuit with them. These are a staple in my wardrobe. I also have them in black denim!

The accessories are what make this outfit fun!

My Gorjana pieces add color and pop to this casual set. The Palisades Versatile Necklace is adjustable and can go long, mid length, short, or even choker, whatever fits your look. Also I love to #LiveLoveLayer with this Gypset bracelet set. I also added the Palisades Adjustable Bracelet for an extra layer.

Another brand you are going to start seeing a lot from me is Maho Shades. These sunnies are SO FUN, and they have a great price point! I am loving their Marble color. Its a white and black marble look, that they make in multiple shade styles. Its a fun look that matches most everything!

Its my favorite thing to be comfortable, cute, and to keep things casual! I am constantly on the go, running errands, having coffee dates, and just lady bossing my life, and fun outfits like this, make my busy days a little easier!



Simple, Chic, and an Amazing Stylist

Simple, Chic, and an Amazing Stylist

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Dress: James Perse Jacket (Similar): Iro  Shoes (Similar): Celine Bracelets: David Yurman Belt: Stella McCartney Bag (Similar): YSL


Pants (Similar): Rag & Bone Bag: Fendi Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Having a blog, being a real estate agent, and being a full time model can be slightly overwhelming. Some days I’m so busy, I just can’t think properly. So when I need a little outfit help, or even life help (this is my girl), I call my stylist, and good friend Lauren Draffin. (Styled By LD)

I am not afraid to say, some days I just want HELP. I am constantly putting outfits together, shooting, etc., and LD helps me just bring everything together! Wether it be, eyeing an extra accessory, adding a jacket, helping me shed things from my closet, or just flat out telling me “Chris, no”, this is my go to girl.

Why do I think a stylist is important? As “put together” as you think you are, some days, a little extra help is needed! Everyone has that “hmm is this cute?” question, and a second eye is always a great thing! A stylist is more than just someone who picks out your outfits. She provides bridal styling, closet consulting, personal styling, professional styling, custom clothing, etc. So if you need a little help, or even a lot of help, she is the girl for you!

So lets talk about this dress!! A form fitting chic style, with a tee material, and ruched  sides, makes this dress TO DYE FOR. What I love about this dress is its so versatile. I would wear this out to dinner, to the office, on a flight, etc. Dress it up, dress it down, its such a closet staple!

Here I added a white Vince jacket, a fun Stella McCartney belt, and LD’s killer Celine shoes for a little added “extra”, because lets be honest, I love to be a little extra.

I am going to attach links to similar items, with a more reasonable price point, below!

<3 CD

Dress (Similar): SOHO Girl Jacket (Similar): BB Dakota Shoes (Similar): White Booties – Carlos / White Heels – Steve Madden Bag (Similar): Kate Spade / Michael Kors Bracelets: Gorjana

Those JEANS!

Those JEANS!


Top: Privacy Pls Jeans: Grlfrnd Denim Booties: Stuart Weitzman Bracelets: David Yurman/ Daisy London

I am OBSESSED with these Grlfrnd Denim jeans! I mean the butt slit, YASSSS. I am all about destroyed denim. These jeans are definitely an old school denim feel, with a modern vibe.

I posted these on my instagram, and within 5 minutes I had multiple dm’s asking where I got them from! I got them from my go to place to online shop Revolve Clothing . They have zero stretch, so I recommend ordering a size up unless you like a super snug feel.

My bodysuit is Privacy Pls, a new fav brand of mine. The green sold out so I attached a link to the black version! Cant go wrong with black!

How perfect are these green Stuart Weitzman booties? I love a lace up bootie! It adds a sporty/ fun look to an outfit. I got these particular ones from Joesph in Memphis, TN. You can’t go wrong with Stuart Weitzman, always a great fit, and a comfortable shoe.

I will wear this outfit to death! I love this comfy/cute/sexy vibe!

<3 CD

Lady in Red <3

Lady in Red



Bikini: Teeny B  Bracelets: Gorjana

Ok so sometimes I just like to rave about products I love! This has to be my all time favorite bikini! I have the pleasure of being a model for a swimwear company called Teeny B Bikinis, and let me tell you, their swimsuits are absolutely fabulous! From fun colors, to all sorts of coverage (or not so much coverage), you can find your perfect swimsuit in their lines!

One thing I love about Teeny B is the fit! I swear every single one of their bikinis fits me like a glove! A lot of my friends that I have brought to the line enjoy the fit as well. They have such a wide variety of suits, you’re definitely going to find something flattering in their mix.

This particular suit has become a new favorite of mine. The high waisted thong bottom lays right at my waistline, and the mesh insert top is covering but also cut in the right places for a sexy look! I get soooo many compliments on this bikini! It’s also super comfortable, and the red coat color really pops!

If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry to throw on for a little something extra for your swimsuit, I highly recommend you check out Gorjana’s pieces. Their daintier pieces are perfect for a poolside, or beach vibe.

Swim looks are a thing of mine! So stay tuned for more poolside vibes and beachwear!

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Fit style and Fuel Meals!

Fit style and Fuel Meals!
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Top (similar): Lululemon Pants: Lululemon Sweatshirt (similar): Forever 21 Jacket: Boda Skins Earrings (similar): Bauble Bar Earrings (similar): Gorjana Sunglasses: Maho Shades Purse: Chanel Shoes: Christian Dior Meal Prep : Fuel Meals
 So I am going to be honest, my day to day attire isn’t always so glamorous! I am the yoga pant queen!! Part of my lifestyle is working out and eating healthy! I try to do some sort of work out at least six days out of the week! (If I can manage six). So instead of having to go home and change before a workout, I typically just wear exercise clothes all day!
My typical pant choice is anything Lululemon. These particular pants are the nulu fabric which is a buttery soft fabric that I can’t stay away from! I now have 6 variations of this pant in this material!
My sports bra is also Lululemon! I find that Lulu carries a wide range of sports bras, and they really do well for me since I am a little larger chested. You can find them in all different fabrics, styles, and colors. This particular bra is the luxtreme fabric with an adorable mesh top.
My sweatshirt, jacket combo is something I do often! My leather jacket is Boda Skins, and they have recently become a favorite brand of mine. Stylish, chic, can be dressed up or dressed down, its definitely a go to jacket for me. I also own it in brown. Added bonus, their jackets are on the more reasonably priced side of leather jackets. My cropped sweatshirt I found at Indigo Germantown. I love throwing on a light sweatshirt for an extra layer of warmth.
My shoes are just throw on sneakers, that aren’t necessarily for working out. These particular shoes are Dior, and I chose them because we have the same initials, CD. I usually take Pure Barre classes, or go to kick boxing, where shoes are not required, so throwing on a cute pair always adds a little to my outfit!
For accessories, I usually just throw on pieces that are easy to get on and off during my gym session. A fun pair of earrings, or set of bracelets can really just add a little pop to your casual outfit. My sunglasses are Maho Shades. I came across this company when I was in Gulf Shores, Alabama. They have great styles, colors, and a great price point! Some days I just feel like adding a little something extra to my fitness look.
Lets talk about these Fuel Meals ! YUM! I have become obsessed with these healthy meal prep options. If I get off track, or eat out too much junk food, I love having a week where I just eat these meals. They are made to accommodate your eating style! You can do a larger protein packed portion, or a smaller healthy choice, and what i love about them is even though they are healthy, they are super delicious. You can choose anything from meat packed dishes, breakfast options, vegan, paleo, gluten free, or a vegetarian option! My favorite is the kale and mushroom bowl that I am eating above. I love to add in a meatless day once a week, and this mix is so delicious!
You can use code Christen15 for 15% off your meal order! I recommend ordering every other week!
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I Love Juice Bar 901!


Yummy Eats Of The Day : Juice Bar

So today I jumped on the juice bandwagon and gave Juice Bar a try. To be honest, I loved it! I have tried juicing throughout the years and I never seem to find a juice I can make it through. I decided to jump right in and get a green juice! I have found the green juices are typically my least favorite, but usually the best for you. This one was quite the surprise! I went with the Pineapple Greens, its a combo of cucumber, pineapple, mint, kale, spinach, parsley, and lemon. It is by far my favorite green juice I have ever had. I highly recommend it.

(Tip: Juice Bar makes all of their drinks fresh, and will leave out any ingredient you might not be able to stomach! Be sure to tell them what you like or don’t like in your juice!)

My friend Sam and I hit up Juice Bar right after our kickboxing work out! So I had them add in a mix of their flavorless vegan protein. Its perfect to mix in the juice for added protein with zero added taste. I like vegan plant based protein because it doesn’t upset your tummy!

Sam got the Orange You Smooth smoothie! It was also great. Built more like a smoothie than a juice it has pineapple, ginger, mint, lemon, juiced carrot, and juiced apple.

As we were chatting over our drinks, we decided we want to give a one day juice cleanse a try! We have set up to pick up our cleanses on Monday! Juice Bar makes them right in the store, and puts them in Mason Jars for you to take home. So look for a post from me soon about my juice cleanse experience!!

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My go to protein smoothie and why!



Nutrition: Nutrishop Protein Powder: Hydro-Pro Fruit: Kroger Spinach: Kroger Milk: Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk

So lately I have been on a protein smoothie kick! I know what you’re thinking, “a smoothie recipe, really?” but there is more to this recipe than just mixing fruit! I am very stomach sensitive to protein, so I wanted to share this for those who can’t just mix up any ole smoothie and drink it!

First, lets talk about my protein choice! I chose Hydro-Pro Advanced Hydrolyzed-Isolate Whey Protein Formula. To be honest, a good friend recommended this to me when I told him I have a hard time with protein! I wanted something with a great flavor, that mixed well with a smoothie and he didn’t disappoint by recommending this one. It has zero fat, zero sugar, super low carbs, and is gluten free! Its really a great choice for mixing in a smoothie. I love the vanilla flavor on this one, it tastes like you’re mixing in vanilla yogurt!

For fruit, its really your choice! I chose blueberries, strawberries, and bananas! Really you can mix in your favorites, but I love the simplicity of a berry and banana mix! Can’t go wrong with a classic! I also mixed in a giant handful of spinach! Spinach is full of vitamins, and its pretty undetectable mixed in the smoothie. Tons of benefits, with no added taste.

I have recently started to use cashew milk in my shakes and smoothies! It was recommended to me by a personal trainer friend of mine (Giovanni Training). It has a little less calories than almond milk, and is a little more filling! Same wonderful nutty taste. I really enjoy it.

Blend everything together and enjoy!

One tip: I do recommend adding the protein in very last. Blend everything, add your scoop of protein, and blend again. I have noticed if you mix the protein in right away it froths up and doubles the smoothie in size!

I threw mine in one of my Nutrishop blender cups and took it with me to run errands! A great on the go, post workout smoothie!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Good For Your Belly Protein Smoothie!

Course Breakfast, Drinks, Lunch, Snack
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 1-2
Author christenash


  • 1 cup Spinach
  • 1 scoop Hydro-Pro Protein Powder
  • 1 cup Frozen Strawberry, Blueberry, and Banana Mix
  • .5 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk (add more if needed)


  1. Mix fruit, spinach, and milk in blender and blend. Add scoop of protein powder and blend again. Enjoy

Simple with a pop of extra!

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JACKET: House of CB (similar) TOP: Three Dot Leggings: Spanx SHOES: Sam Edelman WATCH: Rockwell Watches HANDBAG: Chanel

So every now and then I feel like being a little extra! I am obsessed with this faux fur coat from House of CB. It is no longer available but I included a link to one that is similar! I love taking an all black outfit, and adding a statement piece to it!

If you want a slimming black outfit for under your heavy coats, try wearing a body suit and a great pair of leggings. My bodysuit is a thin black tissue tee material made by Three Dot that is perfect with everything, and my leggings are faux leather moto leggings by Spanx. THESE ARE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE LEGGINGS! I am so impressed by the Spanx leggings. I have multiple pairs in multiple styles. I highly recommend them!

What I love about this look is I can really change it to go with any jacket! I can be extra with fur, funky with leather, or just simple with a pea coat. I truly love an all black look with just a little something extra.

<3 CD


Getting Started

Getting Started

Let me start by saying, I am extremely excited to be starting this blog! It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, and it is finally coming together! To Dye For is a combination of fashion, travel, and FOOD! I wanted to try to combine my love for food and cooking, my career in modeling and fashion, and also my travels through my career, in one place. I constantly find myself representing new brands, traveling to new places, and eating new food, and I wanted to be able to share all of the spectacular things that I come across with you guys! In this blog I will share my travels, style, great eats, and yummy recipes with you!

Stay tuned for more posts!

<3 CD