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Everyone is asking about my recent trip to Bora Bora!!

When you board your boat from the Bora Bora airport to head out to your hotel destination, you’re immediately taken back by the crystal blue water, and the beautiful mountain scenery. I knew Bora Bora was somewhere I always have wanted to go, but I didn’t realize it would be the trip of a lifetime.

I had the pleasure of staying at the wonderful Four Seasons Bora Bora, in an over the water bungalow. I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. The size of the bungalow is spacious, with a wonderful balcony area that allows you to jump right into the ocean. You have the option for a doors open experience, that allows you to be in the open air at all times, or you can close everything and still look out of the windows. Being that I went during a summer month, I kept everything closed but still enjoyed the beautiful view.
I was lucky enough to stay in Bora Bora for 5 days, and I made the best of my trip!
Day one was spent with a large group of friends by the beautiful pool! We got in from a long day and a half of travel, so the pool was the obvious choice. Drinks and food were served poolside by a staff that knew us all by name. You can see the ocean from the pool, and you are close enough to walk right up to it if you prefer a beach vibe. Its a wonderful place to catch the sunset! We ended the night at dinner at the poolside grill, with live music! Mahi mahi and coconut rice are a must!
Day two, our group took a catamaran to a private island for a group lunch, and private bar! This was probably one of our most fun days. With club music playing, drinks flowing, beautiful scenery, and a great group of friends, it was definitely a blast.
Day three, I hit the spa! THIS SPA WAS TO DYE FOR! I had the Gold Ritual Treatment. It started off with an exfoliating treatment in a private bungalow, right on top of the water. My treatment table looked down at a glass floor where I could see the fish swimming below. After my scrub, I had the polynesian massage, that was done with an oil that had 24k flakes running through it. The massage combines using their arms and elbows for a deeper treatment. To end it, I was given a 24k gold mask that I wore for the last 30 mins of my massage. Such a great combination. I was extremely pleased with my experience, and day at the spa. My treatment time totaled 120 minutes. Once you are done you can stay in the spa facility and enjoy the outdoor hot tub, or their shower facilities. That night we had a group dinner at the sushi restaurant at the resort. Talk about fresh sushi! The rainbow roll was a great combo of tuna, salmon, and scallop, and you can’t go wrong with traditional nigiri. Such a treat.
Day four, I spent the morning drinking coffee with one of my closest friends. We sat on the balcony just enjoying the scenery and chatting. That afternoon we went and hit up the jet ski excursion! We circled the entire island , with a stop in the middle for fresh fruit and pictures! After we got back, we hit the pool! Usually you can find everyone hanging there, and dinner plans are made! We ended up at the poolside grill again that night. The live music, Green T cocktail, and the Mahi Mahi are just unbeatable.
Day five was my last day! Because the travel time to Bora Bora is so long, I really only had until the afternoon to enjoy the day before heading back to Tahiti to begin traveling home. I spent that morning at breakfast with my besties (of course), and then laid by the pool until it was time to leave! If you haven’t noticed, the pool is the place to be.
There are so many wonderful details, and things that happened on this trip that if I included them all this post would be about 5 pages long, so Im giving you the shorter day by day version. I have been asked quite a bit what this trip was like, how the trip was going, if it was as amazing as it seemed, and I wanted to share my experience with you guys! There is snorkeling, paddle boarding, swimming with the sharks, private lagoons, private yoga, personal training, and so much more. I was extremely blessed to get to not only go and experience this beautiful place, but also to have been able to do it with such a wonderful group of people!
I HIGHLY recommend Bora Bora and the Four Seasons! It truly was to Dye for!

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