How I Style Boyfriend Denim!



TOP : h:ours  Jeans: A Gold E Shoes: Valentino

So over the last few years, I have been on a search for the perfect boyfriend jeans! You think this would be an easy task, but it definitely is not! After all of my searching, and about 20 pairs that hang in my closet unworn, I found a pair I cant get enough of!

These AGoldE 90’s high rise jeans are where it is at! I sized up for a super loose fit, and I love them.

So here are some tips I have for styling them!

  1. Cuff the bottoms! Not like a nice clean cuff, but a rugged distressed, messy cuff! It helps shape the legs a little, and gives a better look other than the typical straight cigarette look.
  2. Size up! The baggier the better. Tight boyfriend jeans, just look like normal jeans, so make sure you have that nice, loose fit.
  3. Match them with a crop! This crop is the brand h:ours from Revolve clothing, and its a new fav of mine! You really need a tighter, smaller, top when you have a loose, heavy bottom. If crop tops aren’t your thing, try a tight tee, or tank. Just something fitted or tucked in.
  4. Any shoe fits! Match them with sneakers, heels, flats, sandals! You cant go wrong. The biggest mistake I see is people thinking these need to be worn super casual. Strap on your best heels, and don’t be afraid to glam them up a bit!

I love boyfriend denim! I love how versatile they are. Also, any excuse to be comfortable I typically am all about! Hope you find a pair you love too.


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