DermaBlade and HydraFacial Refresh!

Medical Spa: A Beautiful You Medical Spa

I know the trend right now is the all so popular DermaBlade and HydraFacial! So I decided to try them myself.

I started with the DermaBlade treatment. What this does is it takes off the peach fuzz and top layer of dead skin on your face. Its like a super exfoliating treatment. This is a pain free treatment and it leaves your face feeling extremely soft and smooth. I highly recommend having this done by someone you trust, and A Beautiful You is definitely one of the only places I trust for this treatment.

I followed with the HydraFacial . A HydraFacial starts with a deep clean, moves to a peel, then extracts any junk from your face, and ends with hydration and added peptides to promote glowing skin! You can really feel this treatment working during your session. Also there is a little container of your dirty water at the end where you can see all of the dead skin and debris that was removed from your face (I know yuck).

A Beautiful You follows the treatment with either red light or blue light therapy to help calm the face, or treat acne, and fine lines and wrinkles, depending on which light is most appropriate for your skin.

They then top everything off with moisturizer and sun screen to make sure those harmful rays don’t hit your now delicate fresh skin when you leave the building.

All in all this is one of my favorite treatments! With all of the traveling, and work that I do, my skin really suffers, and this treatment has changed the game for me!

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2 thoughts on “DermaBlade and HydraFacial Refresh!

  1. I experience terrible breakouts after getting them. I usually do them together because the spa I go to recommends that. Did you experience acne breakouts after treatment?

    1. Hi! I didn’t experience breakouts. I do have milia and I did notice it being a little more prominent after the treatment. Maybe your skin is a little more sensitive. I would try just doing the hydra facial . I know the dermablade can make the skin more sensitive!

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