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I have worked in real estate on the side of modeling for many years. I am constantly looking at houses and thinking “this would help curb appeal”. So, when my mom wanted to add a little pop to her door, I knew I wanted to help!

I sold my parents their house a few months ago, and let’s be honest, its gorgeous on its own, but when my mom mentioned adding a few things, I knew it would be the right move to add something to help the entry stand out.

My mom found these cotton wreaths for an extremely reasonable price on Amazon. I always worry about quality when I order things online, and they’re “reasonable”, but these turned out to be fabulous.

Because my parents doors are on the taller side, I wanted to find the right ribbon that would add a pop of color to the wreaths, but also look good hanging at a long length. We went with a teal/green color ribbon with a gold polka dot pattern on it. We also went with a thicker ribbon for a sturdier feel and look. You can really choose any ribbon of your liking with these wreaths!

Michael’s has become a recent go to of mine. Their selection of faux floral, and ribbon is unreal! My mom and I have started To Dye For Creations, where we make hand-made wreaths, and other home decor, and I find the best products to use on our projects at Michaels.

For a doormat, we went with an all time favorite brand of ours, Mackenzie-Childs. We are never short of a Courtly Check pattern in our homes. This plush doormat is high in quality, super thick and durable, and has a neutral look that goes with anything. It’s definitely a piece that will last, and withstand weather and foot traffic.

My moms planters and greenery are just something she put together herself! That’s what I love about planters, you can add greenery or flowers that bring out your own taste, and switch them up as much as you’d like! Your home is always a reflection of you, and its important to add in the things you love, and love coming home to!

I just recently decided to add a “home” section to my blog. Decorating has always been a huge love of mine, and as my mom and I start on our creative adventure, I wanted to be able to share it all with you guys!

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